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Research on the Grid Impact of EMU Based on the TransientCurrent Control Strategy of Traction Drive System(PDF)


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Research on the Grid Impact of EMU Based on the TransientCurrent Control Strategy of Traction Drive System
Li Lin1Xu Hai2Geng Lu3Yan Wei3Qiu Dongmei1Gao Xiang3
(1.Jiangsu Institude of Metrology,Nanjing 210023,China)(2.Jiangsu Keneng Electric Power Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd,Nanjing 210036,China)(3.School of Electrical and Automation Engineering,Nanjing Normal University,Nanjing 210042,China)
traction drive systempulse rectifiertransient current controlPI parametergrid impact
TM921; TM922
Aiming at the grid impact of traction drive system(TDS),the structure of the TDS and the structure and control strategy of the single phase three level pulse rectifier based on the SPWM and transient current control are analyzed. The grid impact of CRH2 TDS is studied by employing the proposed the TDS simulation model of CRH2 under traction and braking operation mode,including the voltage and current waveform and harmonic waveform on the 220 kV and 27.5 kV grid side,the voltage and current waveform on the 1.5 kV grid side,the power factor on the 220 kV grid side,and the effect of 220 kV net side current harmonics based on different PI parameters. The simulation results show that the power factor is close to -1 and the current harmonic waveform is high,when the CRH2 operates under the braking operation mode. And with the different PI parameters of the TDS pulse rectifier,the impacts of the grid are very large. The impact of the grid can be reduced by optimizing the appropriate PI parameters,thus realizing the high frequency noises abatement of the grid and the safety operational design of the electric multiple units.


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