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A Facial Expression Recognition Method Based onSkin Color Enhancement and Block PCA(PDF)


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A Facial Expression Recognition Method Based onSkin Color Enhancement and Block PCA
Xie FeiGong JunWang YuanxiangWu QianYang Jianfei
(1.Jiangsu Key Laboratory of 3D Printing Equipment and Manufacturing,Nanjing Normal University,Nanjing 210042,China)(2.School of Electrical and Automation Engineering,Nanjing Normal University,Nanjing 210042,China)
face detectionfacial expression recognitionprincipal component analysisskin model
The facial expression recognition is of great significance in the application of intelligent man-machine interaction. This paper has proposed the face detection and expression recognition method based on the skin color enhancement and block PCA. Firstly,the skin color image luminance range is broadened and the contrast ratio is strengthened by the homomorphic filtering method. Secondly,the skin color background region is separated through YCbCr color space component. Thirdly,the face target is determined by the contour analysis. Finally,the equalization processing is made of the segmented face and the principal component analysis(PCA)is imported to accomplish the facial expression recognition. The experimental results show that in case of the weaker light and more complicated background,the face detection and facial expression recognition both can be achieved effectively through the method proposed in this paper,of which the recognition rate has improved 2.3% compared with the traditional LBP method.


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