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An Improved Speech Coding Algorithm Based onGMM and Polynomial Fitting(PDF)


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An Improved Speech Coding Algorithm Based onGMM and Polynomial Fitting
Wang Rongrong1Li Ping2Zeng Yumin1Wei Yi1
(1.School of Physical Science and Technology,Nanjing Normal University,Nanjing 210023,China)(2.College of Information Technology,Taizhou Polytechnic College,Taizhou 225300,China)
speech codingGMMpolynomial fittingVandermonde matrix
A vocoder is proposed basing on polynomial fitting and Gaussian Mixture Model(pGMM). In the vocoder,several frames are collected into a segment after using GMM model to parameterize the short-time speech spectrum envelope. The polynomial trajectory is used to fit the parameters of GMM in a segment according to the correlation between neighboring frames,thus reducing the number of parameters. The results show that the bit rate of pGMM vocoder is further reduced in contrast with the vocoder based on GMM.


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