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Simulation and Experimental Study on Refining No.200 Polyetheraminesby Continuous and Vacuum Side-Line Distillation(PDF)


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Simulation and Experimental Study on Refining No.200 Polyetheraminesby Continuous and Vacuum Side-Line Distillation
Li Song1Su Fu1Gu Zhenggui12Cao Xiaoyan1
(1.Extraction Engineering Technological Research Center of Jiangsu Province,Nanjing Normal University,Nanjing 210097,China)(2.Research Institute of Development of Chemical Resources along the Yangtze River in Jiangsu Province,Nanjing 210097,China)
continuous and vacuum side-line distillationNo.200 polyetheraminesAspen plusAspen dynamics
No.200 polyetheramines is refined by continuous and vacuum side-line distillation. The simulation study of each parameter in the refining process is carried out by Aspen plus simulation software. The influence of each factor on the side-line distillation effect is investigated. Separation process conditions are optimized to determine optimal operating parameters. At this time,the mass fraction of target component primary amine can reach 94.38%,and the yield is 92.01%. On the basis of steady state simulation optimization conditions,the dynamic control structure of continuous and vacuum side-line distillation is established by Aspen dynamics. The changes of various control indexes under different disturbance conditions are investigated. The results show that the dynamic control structure CS1 can cope well with the disturbance of the distillation process. According to the simulated optimization conditions,the continuous and vacuum side-line distillation unit is established for the experimental verification. The experimental results are basically the same as the simulation results.


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