Jiang Mengyin,Zhao Lindu.Innovation of Medical Tourism Models in China’s Free Trade Zone Driven by Medical and Healthcare Demand[J].Journal of Nanjing Normal University(Engineering and Technology),2024,24(02):067-77.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1672-1292.2024.02.009]





Innovation of Medical Tourism Models in China’s Free Trade Zone Driven by Medical and Healthcare Demand
(东南大学经济管理学院,江苏 南京 210096)
Jiang MengyinZhao Lindu
(School of Economics and Management,Southeast University,Nanjing 210096,China)
medical tourismmedical demandinternational medical tourism pilot areamodel innovation
全球医疗旅游逐年快速增长,我国医疗需求外溢现象凸显. 论文聚焦于我国自贸区,通过医疗旅游模式创新,以实现境内医疗资源的优化配置,推动居民医疗旅游消费回流. 通过对跨境医疗旅游发展现状、驱动机制以及医疗旅游消费者选择行为等方面的深入剖析,揭示了当前医疗旅游的形态. 以海南国际医疗旅游先行区为案例,探讨了在国家政策引领下的区域医疗旅游模式的孵化路径. 最后,通过对全球主要医疗旅游目的地的优势比较分析,为我国自贸区进一步拓展医疗旅游模式,构建国际化的医疗旅游目的地品牌提供了路径启示. 论文为推动医疗旅游从外循环向内循环的转型,实现医疗旅游以内循环为支撑的产业发展新境界,以期达到跨境医疗不跨境,为新兴目的地医疗旅游模式创新提供了理论基础与战略建议.
The global medical tourism industry has witnessed rapid growth in recent years,and the phenomenon of outbound medical demand in China has become increasingly prominent. This paper focuses on how China’s free trade zones innovate through medical tourism models to optimize domestic medical resource allocation and promote the return of residents’ medical consumption. Through an in-depth analysis of the current state and driving mechanisms of cross-border medical tourism,as well as the behavior of medical tourists,the paper reveals the current landscape of medical tourism. Taking the Hainan International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone as a case study,the paper explores the path of incubating regional medical tourism models under the guidance of national policies. Finally,through a comparative analysis of the comparative advantages of major global medical tourism destinations,it provides insights for China’s free trade zones to further expand medical tourism models and build internationally recognized medical tourism destination brands. This study lays a theoretical foundation and offers strategic recommendations to propel the transformation of medical tourism from external circulation to internal circulation,aiming to achieve a new paradigm of industry development where cross-border medical services are not confined to borders,and medical tourism is supported by internal circulation.


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