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Heat Transfer Characteristics for non-NewtonianDilatant Fluid in Eccentric Annular Channel(PDF)


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Heat Transfer Characteristics for non-NewtonianDilatant Fluid in Eccentric Annular Channel
Ji Yinlian1Zhang Junbo1Zhang Min2
(1.Taizhou College,Nanjing Normal University,Taizhou 225300,China)(2.School of Energy and Power Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210009,China)
FVMcell-based central methoddilatant fluideccentric annular channel
This paper studies dilatant fluid in accordance with Ostwald-de Waele relational formula,with power-law factor greater than 1. It aims to solve the problem of the highly non-linear features of the non-Newtonian fluid viscosity coefficient. Cell-based central method is used for the non-linear viscosity coefficient discretization in unstructured grids. It studies heat transfer of dilatant fluid in eccentric annular channel. The simulation results show that the eccentricity and radius ratio of annular channel can lead to the asymmetrical distribution of circumferential temperature and velocity. Effects of geometric structure of channel on the Nusselt number are far greater than effects of power factor.


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